PilingLight Advantages

  • long life expectancy
  • low power usage
  • no bulbs to replace
  • nothing to corrode or rust
  • no glare 2800 kelvin warm white light
  • nothing for dock lines to get caught on
  • no unsightly fixture
  • protects piling from rot and supplies light
  • can be easily controlled from a boat or home
  • improved safety and appearance
  • discourages birds from roosting on piling
  • attracts fish
  • very attractive light

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Thank you for visiting us at PilingLight.com. This site presents our state of the art outdoor lighting products. Please browse the site and contact us with any questions or use or secure shopping cart to buy the products that will solve your lighting needs.

Lights are made with the latest technology in outdoor electronics. The caps provide protection for the wooden pilings and have a long safe life. You can expect many years of trouble free performance from pilinglight. the cap is made of UV stabilized polyethylene, the lights are weatherproof long lasting LEDs. No bulbs to change. Nothing to corrode or rust. Pilinglight is available in many sizes allowing for easy installation everywhere. Power is supplied via a 24 Volt DC LED Driver for greater distances between driver and lights without suffering from “voltage drop”. 12 volt “Standard Pilinglight Caps” are available for 12 Volt DC applications.

During the day there are no unsightly fixtures to look at. At night your dock comes alive with subtle “no glare” light. Improve safety and beauty with Pilinglight. Pilinglight is easy to control. photo cell, timer, and even a remote control are quick and easy switching choices. With a remote you can even control Pilinglight from your boat. If your home has a lighting control system, integration is also often easy, giving you control with any of your “smart” devices. All products are covered by a three year warranty. Life expectancy is much more. Without glare from Pilinglight, there will be no neighbor complaints, just envy!

Fast shipping. Technical support questions are promptly answered. Assembled in the U.S.

Pilinglight looks great used in landscapes and walkways too!

– submerging in water voids warranty